The Ohio Energy Resources Division (OERD) of the Ohio Department of Development working in conjunction with The Energy Industries of Ohio (EIO) have been addressing industrial energy efficiency work, primarily focused on the major energy consuming sectors in the state since 2001. During this same period, OERD has undertaken additional efforts to encourage industrial energy efficiency and has established programs that the OEO feels will result in greater industrial participation and greater implementation of energy efficiency projects.

The US Department of Energy has funded a 42 month effort that enables the OERD and EIO to continue their successful working relationship by establishing the Ohio Center for Industrial Energy Efficiency. This Center will integrate state and federal programs into a seamless program for industrial participants and develop the infrastructure needed to deliver DOE SEN products and services in a cost effective manner to Ohio companies both during the grant period and beyond. The overall plan continues to market Save Energy Now, DOE’s energy efficiency products and services and state-based support through presentations at trade association meetings, through direct contact and through participating utility partners. A main focus of the effort will be to develop a structure that will integrate DOE and Ohio-based efforts into a seamless assistance program comprising Best Practices training; Energy Saving Assessments; implementation assistance; technology demonstration and development into a program that is sustainable beyond the term of the grant.

Principal Investigators for this effort will be Mr. Anthony Sutor of the Ohio Energy Office and Mr. Lawrence C. Boyd Jr. of Energy Industries of Ohio. Other major participants include the investor-owned utilities in the state, the natural gas suppliers in Ohio, the University of Dayton Industrial Assessment Center, Case Western Reserve University, DOE Energy Experts, Qualified Specialists and certified Best Practices instructors within Ohio.

  • Training
  • Assessments and Implementation Assistance