UltraSuperCritical Materials for Coal Fired Power Plants

Jointly funded by the U.S. DOE and Ohio Coal Development Office

Current coal fired power plants might achieve operating efficiencies of greater than 50% if ultrasupercritical conditions are employed. One of the current draw-backs for achieving these conditions are materials needed to permit operation of plants at the 1400°F and 5,000 psi steam pressure. This effort, exceeding $20 million with the services being provided by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and cost shared by an industry consortium, will address this need. EIO is the prime contractor and is responsible for managing and coordinating the efforts of the four U.S. boiler manufacturers, the Electric Power Research Institute and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

EIO President, Bob Purgert, and High Temperature Materials Project Manager, Dr. Natalie Sobczak, are pictured in front of their poster presentation on high nickel alloys for Clean Coal applications at the EuroMat 2011 international conference on advanced materials in September 2011. This project is sponsored by the State of Ohio's Coal Development Office and U.S.DOE.